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When the Earth, also called “Old World”, was completely destroyed by war, the Masters, beings of a specie more evolved than humans, rescued the survivors and created a new planet called Paradise. Here it does not rain, the sky does not darken, and the sun is mild compared to the Earth’s. The streets are flat, the buildings are millimeterly planned, everyone in Paradise has a place to live, and a guaranteed job when the time comes. Paradise is simply perfect, and in addition to protecting us, the Masters provide us water and food, and supply all the basic needs that were once neglected on Earth.

In general, the Masters are taller and thinner than humans, with gray skin, hair and eyes. Masters communicate only by telepathy, and only those who have direct contact with humans adopt a name, since they do not need names to differentiate themselves from one another. Humans and Masters live in perfect harmony, but obviously we must maintain full respect for the Masters, who have bathrooms, water drinkers, rest areas, and dining places separate from humans.

The day in Paradise has only twelve hours, of which four must be destined to sleep. We spend six of those hours, no less than half a day, at school, where we are taught and evaluated, and so we are assigned to the we will work for the rest of our lives. People with greater “Physical Conditioning" generally work with crops. "Memory" and "Logical Reasoning" make a good teacher, especially if the one has "Empathy". " Subtlety and Precision" is the most desirable skill for maintenances, and if they are of large proportions, is also required good " Physical Conditioning".

My brother Joseph has proud my parents when, in his selection, he got a job as a patrolman, to eliminate from heaven the things which can reach the Paradise. Therefore, he got eighty five points in a hundred in "Physical Conditioning", ninety eight in "Logical Reasoning", eighty eight in "Subtlety and Precision" and eighty six in "Memory”. His only low score was "Empathy", with fourteen points. But about me, since I was a child I have always been the worst student in everything. Most professions require at least seventy points in at least one of the skills, but none of mine had reached at least fifty points.

The students change classes according to their individual progress and not through study time, as with the destruction of the Earth, the calendars have been abrogated, and only the Masters differentiate one day from the other. So, I've change classes more than any other student, always falling behind. No matter how hard I try, I've never been able to make enough progress. I was surprised that I could graduate with such bad scores.




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