Chapter 1

This is the story of the "unluckiest" lesbian in the world. Unluckiest. Yeah, and I don't even know if that's a word.

— Mom, Thai is pretending to be sleeping again! – I heard my brother scream really next to me and after that run to tell my mom that I wasn't ready to go to school.

My name is Tainara Oliveira, I'm Brazilian and I'm sixteen but this is not a story about a girl living her dream in America but the complete opposite. Even if that was what my mom and I thought it would happen when we move.

Let me explain a little about my life so you can know in what are you meddling in.

I was raised in Brazil but I was not a typical Brazilian girl. I was not tan, curvy with brown eyes and a great hair and that's because I was just like my grandpa. Who was my grandpa? I barely know. Never really meet him. In a little city called Altamira know by the bars, the woman and the lack of laws for rich people, my grandma (at the age of thirteen) meet a men that got her pregnant what made her got kicked out of her house by her parents but in a city like that, that was not the end of the world at all and she just decided to leave the city, go to the capital and make a family even if my grandfather didn't stayed for more than fifteen days in each visit that he made and after my mom got old enough to understand what was happening with her mother they got in a fight and she just made him pay for what he had done. Literally.




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